Brad Nath: Amplified Bricks

Brad Nath is working between architectural design and sound art to develop techniques of space-making that are sensitive to the vibrations that occur at audible frequencies. Emerging from the belief that the architect is not only an organizer of space, but also of time, and that likewise the composer is not only an organizer of time, but also of space, he seeks to expand upon the built environment’s temporal vocabulary through material research, performance, composition, installation, and built environments. Brad recently moved to Berlin from New York, where he completed a B.Arch thesis titled „Acoustectonics“ with advisers from the Architecture and Music Departments at Cornell University.

Bricks cast with embedded audio electronics function as sound objects when amplified. The performance will feature a selection of bricks from a system that is being developed to construct full-scale sonically sensitive architectural environments. Made from a range of materials—concrete, plaster, wax, and silicone—each brick expresses its unique sonic ontology when activated by a performer or stacked upon another, resulting in physical feedback.



Saturday 26.01.19 // 19.00 // @Noch Besser Leben