The Berlin based media artist Myungduk-Kim, born in South Korea, specialized in baroque and contemporary music…

WISP – collective

Wisp collective is an initiative based in the east of Leipzig. Together they organize events and research projects with an … Mehr


Earth splits into pieces, rhythms running out of forests, lights breaks the ocean. Nothing matters after crossing the barrier in-between … Mehr


LOVELY HEROIN is an experimental-pop duo formed by conceptual artists Sophie Polheim and Henrik Rohde in 2017. The combination of … Mehr

Nikolay Karabinovych

Nikolay Karabinovych is an artist, researcher and DJ, born and currently based in Odessa, Ukraine. He has been taken part in numerous … Mehr


I T O E is an open free-improv-project around Leipzig and Berlin. Consisting of 3 to 6 young musicians, is constantly developing…

Balcony DC

Balcony DC is an experimental recording project by Denny Thiele and Christoph Mü. They do Handsome soft pop reminding of pop icons … Mehr