Raft of Trash

Raft Of Trash is a collaborative AV MIDI project which rethinks performance practices. The show centers around a live communal game of the world-building platform, Simcity 3000. As a 3 piece band, one member plays Simcity, whilst another member turns the ambient/environmental sounds from the game into MIDI data which is then fed to various synths, samplers and instruments. The 3rd member is free to create a live video collage with material taken from the game. Over the course of the performance a complex mesh of micro-sounds forms in direct relation to sound events within the game. The project explores the outsourcing of compositional labor and the natural rhythm and dialog of environmental systems.


Thursday 24.01.19 // 19.00 // @Noch Besser Leben

Artist Talk: 24.01.19 // 18.00 // @Noch Besser Leben