Katya Bondar: Scotoma

Katya Bondar is a performance artist, based in Russia, Moscow. She participated in festivals of contemporary art in Russia, Spain, Netherlands. In her works, she explores the possibilities of communication and forms of perception.
“I consider performance as a space where you can create conceptually. I see performance as a communication field. I see performance as a freak field where doing yourself as a public creation. Performance is a space where tradition is impossible, or I mean that new form is a territory of the repression of the old tradition. It’s a platform where you can be as sick as Putin makes me every day.”
SKOTOMA (w/Diana Galimzyanova)
from the Greek „darkness“, a blind area that exists in the field of view of any healthy eye. In psychology – the denial or non-recognition of any real facts, experiences.
Social exclusion, which focuses on everyday life, is reflected in the collective unconscious. The impersonal individual repeats the attempt of self-identification. The meaning of performance crystallizes at the junction of the social and material, showing the pressure of society on the individual and the average „state of mind“ dictated by the environment.



Wednesday 23.01.19 // 19.00 // @NYG|WEST

Artist Talk: 25.01.19 // 18.00 // @Noch Besser Leben