Lignes is Sébastien Branche’s solo work, sedimentation lines based on his experiences and projects over the past few years: how he became the musician that he is through collaborations, either long-term ones or one-time meetings. …Lines and points. It is also a specific work on solo, with the computer and Supercollider, used to cast and manipulate synthetic sounds within the body of the instrument. …Electrical lines. The saxophone is set on a stand for freedom of movement. Paradoxically, it is a way of bringing it down from the high perch where tradition has put it. The instrument becomes a resonant body, not only a saxophone but also a percussion instrument, or an object that is rubbed, scratched, banged upon. It also becomes a filter for the breathing (as Stéphane Rives describes his soprano), or an acoustic filter for the synthetic sounds played inside its body – turning upside down the usual setting of electroacoustic music as here, it is the instrument that picks up and transforms the sounds provided by the computer. … Lines of flight