Parks Tales

Parks Tales aims to engage the inner child within all of us and let it roam free within our imaginations. Ryan Parks‘ background in theater and his passion for storytelling have made him very approachable to people of all ages, whom he has been teaching English to for many years now. Matthias Fischers‘ curiocity and sensitivity to frequencies and resonances led him to experience instruments with a hands on approach. This enthused him to travel the world and study the production of music and sound. Together, they create original fairy tales seamlessly paired with music and sound. The stories they bring to life convey a strong moral compass and truly take you on fantastic adventures.



Parks Tales zielt darauf ab, das innere Kind in uns allen zu erwecken und es in unserer Vorstellung frei herumlaufen zu lassen. Ryan Parks Erfahrungen im Theater und seine Leidenschaft für das Vorlesen kombiniert mit Matthias Fischers Sensibilität für Frequenzen und Resonanzen lassen originelle, moderne Märchen entstehen. Die Geschichten, die sie zum Leben erwecken, vermitteln einen starken moralischen Kompass und entführen auf fantastische Abenteuer.


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