Ana Barroso & Miguel Sá

This is an installation that is meant to be immersive as the live music performance will surround the dark room where the video is projected and the viewers are asked to anticipate what lies hidden the immediate image. The installation transforms the physical spaces into a mental and emotional landscape, expanding the possibilities of video, becoming a ground for personal emotional exploration and inquiry.   The film happens in the threshold between the material and the intangible as it asks for the viewer’s unique perception and emotional engagement with what is (not) happening in the narrative.The non- linear narrative breaks into fragments but to evoke the imaginary, something that moves our body beyond the physical constraints of mortality. In a way, it’s a body metaphysical experience.

The musical score was built to evoke both worlds, one as the reflection of the other: the surface and the deep in kind of sound and image alchemy. Loops are horizontal (moving images) and vertical (perception/ film and viewer relationship) expansions of subjectivity (mind) and experience (body).


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